ITAR is opening a call for proposals for 2021

  • ITAR開放徵求2021 一年期整合型或個別型計畫。
    • 計畫主持人資格:
      須為本院專任助研究員(含)以上,或本院學位學程之國內公私立大學助理教授(含)以上人員, 以各學位學程執行委員會提供名單為依據,且須為本院合聘研究人員;惟整合型總計畫主持人須具備協調領導子計畫之能力。
  • 其他事項
    • 計畫須與前瞻技術平臺相關。

    • 詳見2021 ITAR 徵求重點說明
    • 計畫主題與茄科、十字花科及葫蘆科基因體研究相關將優先考慮。
    • 計畫將送國內外相關領域專家學者進行審查。

  • Call for proposal
    2021 ITAR one year grant application could be a group or an individual proposal.
    • The project director should hold a position above Assistant Research Fellow at Academia Sinica OR Assistant Professor at TIGP partnership universities, according to TIGP Executive Committee list, and should be adjunct investigators at Academia Sinica. Except project director, the participants could be any principle investigator at any nationality, serving at any legal research entity, including private or public universities, research organizations or centers, in Taiwan.
  • Others you should know
    • The research should be related to advanced technology platform.
    • Projects working on Solanaceae, Cruciferae and Cucurbitaceae would be a plus.
    • The evaluation would be done by domestic and international scholars.